Kate Moss Glow in the Dark Original on glass

Product Description

Framed Dimensions: 43x43 cm 
Black box frame 
Mediums: Glow in the dark pigment and spray paints on glass

Painted on the reverse side of the glass using hand cut stencils, spray paint and super bright aqua coloured glow in the dark pigment. in the light, the portrait has soft pastel colours. in the dark, it glows brightly in a vibrant aqua colour. Charge in a very short time in sunlight or UV light and it glows very bright for a couple of hours depending on how long it has been charged. the glow will then get softer, and go on glowing for more than 12 hours. any light source will charge the glow in the dark pigment, but the brightest glow comes from sunlight and UV light.


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