Pure Gold On Glass Jackie O

Product Description

Framed Dimensions: 81x81 cm 
Handmade wooden ornate white box frame 
Mediums: Pure gold (24carat) on glass

Reverse glass gilding is a magical process. 4-5 layers of pure gold is applied to the back of the glass, once the size is dry, the gold stretches to produce a mirror like finish that is very eye catching   the white areas are actually clear glass and the white background can be seen through it. the box frame gives the portrait a 3 dimensional feel and the illusion of floating in the air.

The halftone image is comprised of lines rather than continuous tones. When viewed from a distance, the lines blur and blend together, creating the illusion of continuous shapes and shades. At a distance the image is clear and almost photographic whereas close up the image is made up of bold lines.

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