ORIGINAL - Rabbit Revolver

Product Description

Original 3D painting
Mixed media on canvas: Liquid glass, gold leaf, crystals, metallic foils, spray paints, inks, markers.
Framed dimensions: 100x100 cm
Framed in ornate handmade gold frame (not glazed)

In this piece the masculinity of the gun is balanced out with shiny gold 3D flowers, sparkling CZ diamonds and the shimmering gold glitter in the background, that give this piece a touch of elegance and femininity. on the handle of the gun, you can see the ancient motif of the"running rabbits". a topology problem or a visual challenge.the symbol features three rabbits chasing each other in a circle. each of the ears is shared by two hares, only three ears are shown, yet again each rabbit appears to have 2 ears. it is thought to have a range of symbolic or mystical meanings.


Delivery:  Surcharge of £300.00

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